Moderating rules

MEUSERHINEGAZETTE.EU moderators are entrusted with the task of managing a network of website and social media users in line with the website and social media objectives. Moderators are to analyse the comments submitted and organise various activities, including contests, FAQ (frequently asked questions), discussion forums, online dialogue and opinion polls. The object of these activities is to promote internaut involvement in the issues addressed and goals pursued by MEUSERHINEGAZETTE.EU. To this end, the moderators must monitor and filter the content of exchanges between users. In their capacity as moderators, they are authorised to expel any persons who violate applicable laws and regulations or fail to respect MEUSERHINEGAZETTE.EU’s editorial spirit. Community moderators are to initiate and sustain community activity by proposing topics of discussion and activities in general. The activities organised and coordinated by community moderators provide MEUSERHINEGAZETTE.EU with feedback about community users’ impressions of and satisfaction with our service. That helps MEUSERHINEGAZETTE.EU in optimising its service to satisfy the needs and demands of the public.