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12 vaccination centres in Province de Liège

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The locations of planned vaccination centres in Province de Liège are now known. On Monday evening, Gouvernement de Wallonie decided on the different sites that will welcome the general public.

In Province de Liège, there will be two major centres: one at Liège airport, and the other in the nearby commune of Pepinster. These major sites will be the first to be opened to allow the vaccination of aid and care professionals. The first vaccinations are planned to be carried out in February.

Photo: Graphic Vaccination phase 1B/2 © jemevaccine.be

In Liège-Bierset, there will be five vaccination lignes (streets) for now, but up to 10 lignes can be set up if necessary. The centre will be open ten hours a day and should be able to vaccinate 1,500 people each day.

There are 12 other sites which activities will start later, most likely towards the end of March. This will depend on the pharmaceutical companies' compliance with the delivery dates of the vaccines. The vaccination campaign for the general public will start with people aged 65 and over. Then it will be expanded to people aged 45 to 65 who present health risks, and people who perform essential functions. The essential functions required for this wave of vaccination have yet to be defined.

Here are the 12 fixed vaccination sites:

  • In Liège city centre, 64 Feronstrée;

  • In Aywaille, at Remouchamps Recreation Centre, 10 rue Marsale;

  • In Bressoux, at the Sports Hall, 31 rue Ernest Malvaux;

  • In Chaudfontaine, at the Vaux-sous-Chèvremont sports hall, 14 rue de la Vesdre;

  • In Esneux, at the Tilff Sports Hall, 9 rue du Chera;

  • In Hannut, at the Covered Market, 1a rue des Combattants;

  • In Herve, at the Hall des Criées, 94 rue de Charneux;

  • In Huy, at the Hall omnisport, 4 avenue de la croix rouge;

  • In Malmedy, at Malmedy Expo, 3 rue Frédéric Lang;

  • In Seraing, at the Jemeppe Sports Hall, 152 rue de Roselières;

  • In Visé, at the Cheratte sports hall, 115 rue de Visé;

  • In Waremme, at the Edmond Leburton Sports Centre, 43 rue des Prés.

There will also be mobile vaccination centres, which will be deployed in different locations to cover the territory as well as possible.

For more information on the vaccination process in Belgium (in French), please find information here.

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