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Hasselaar Michel Knapen has transformed 13 electrical boxes along Molenstraat in #Genk into small works of art. Each electric box has a different look, often linked to the environment, with references to Genk and the product designer himself. Since they have been revived, none have been stained with graffiti. The Stad Genk wants to breathe new life into Molenstraat with pop-up shops, a street logo that shows up here and there and beautiful "sitting beams" by designer Roel Vandebeek. Genk was left with more than ten ageing electric boxes where market vendors used to tap their power. But there is no longer a market in the Molenstraat. "Our assignment was to give those cabinets a different look", says Michel. “We immediately started to think about how we could give them a nice perspective, independent of each other. The phrase "street furniture" really made me think. One has been transformed into a fireplace, another into a safe, including crowbar, there is a bookcase near the Malpertuis bookstore and even a letterbox that seems to have been erected in the same stones as the wall behind it. One of them became an antique cabinet in which I incorporated a photo of our family. The nearby second-hand store already received a nice offer for those cupboards. "What does that electricity box cost on the street?" A customer asked. "If you give me 100 euros, you can take it with you. And if you can lift them, you will even get your money back, "the trader laughed."

“This was a really great project. It gives the street cachet and also offers wonderful atmosphere. And it may also give other cities ideas so that we can get to work there too. We will certainly consider a patent."

Source: Het Belang van Limburg Click here for the full album.

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