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Aachen Oberbürgermeisterin and deputy Städteregionsrätin receive “Mayors for peace” flag

Today, on 22 January, the Aachen coalition for action Keine Atombomben rund um Aachen (No nuclear bombs around Aachen) presented the "Mayors for peace" flag to Oberbürgermeisterin (mayor) Sibylle Keupen and the third deputy Städteregionsrätin (city councillor), Elisabeth Paul, in front of the Aachen Rathaus (Aachen city hall).

The alliance, which has made Germany's renunciation of nuclear sharing and its participation in the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) its goal, deliberately chose today for the flag presentation:

"Today, the UN TPNW enters into force and becomes public international law. This is a milestone on the way to a nuclear-free world. Already since the 1980s, have Aachen and the region been part of ‘Mayors for Peace’. By handing over the flag, we want to say ‘thank you’ for the encouragement in the fight against nuclear weapons, combined with the wish for further constructive cooperation in the endeavour for a nuclear-free world.",

explains Odette Klepper from Keine Atombomben rund um Aachen.

For Oberbürgermeisterin Keupen, who, a few weeks ago, was the initial signer of the Aachen appeal for a “klima- und sozial gerechte Welt, ohne Atomwaffen, Rüstung und Krieg” (climate and socially just world, without nuclear weapons, armour and war) of the coalition, the fight for a world nuclear-free world is a "personal concern":

"I want to be a Bürgermeisterin for peace and personally commit to the goals.",

she says.

Deputy Städteregionsrätin Elisabeth Paul is delighted to receive the flag on a "historic day":

"I am proud to get to accept the flag for the StädteRegion Aachen together with the Oberbürgermeisterin today. I hope that this is another sign for the Bundesregierung (Federal Government) to heed the people’s signals and finally also join this treaty in order to come a little closer to the wish of a nuclear-free world."

The raising of the flag will take place on the international “Mayor for peace” day on Thursday 8 July 2021.

Photo: (fLFT) Deputy Städteregionsrätin Elisabeth Paul and Obermürgermeristerin Sibylle Keupen accepting the “Mayor for peace” flag from Odette Klepper from the Aachen coalition Keine Atombomben rund um Aachen. © Stadt Aachen/Andreas Herrmann

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