Agreement reached for the Liège Federal Police

After negotiations on Wednesday 6 January, the common trade union front of the federal police in Liège has decided to suspend their strike notice, orignally filed in mid-December.

The Centrale générale des services publics - CGSP (General Office of Public Services), the Confédération des Syndicats chrétiens CSC-SP (Confederation of Christian Trade Union), the Syndicat Libre de la Fonction Publique – SLFP (Free Trade Union of the Civil Service) and the Syndicat National du personnel de Police et de Sécurité - SNPS (National Union of Police and Firefighting Personnel) had indeed voiced their dissatisfaction earlier in December regarding inadequate work place conditions.

Photo: SLFP Liège © SLFP 2020

The unions' grievances focused more particularly on the police force of the courts and tribunals belonging to the Liège Direction de la Sécurisation – DAB (Security Directorate). They demanded the installation of these services "in proper premises" and denounced the lack of any prospect, in the very short term, of its accommodation.

The buildings in Lantin that were originally occupied by theses departments have been evacuated and closed, due to serious health and safety problems. In the meantime, the promised buildings in Vottem, are still under construction work therefore are not operational and will not be operational for months or even years.

The staff is therefore currently "squatting" in some offices and premises made available at the former Palais de Justice de Liège: those temporary offices however do not comply with the current standards in terms of work safety and well-being.

A solution was therefore found on Wednesday, to move the concerned departments into new premises in the former buildings of the tribunal de Police de Liège (Police Court). The services are expected to settle there within the next one to three months maximum.

Progress has also been made regarding the second phase of the construction work at Vottem. The final opinion of the finance inspector should be forthcoming and the matter will then be referred to the Conseil des Ministres which will hopefully green light the project.

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