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Alsdorf fire brigade gets started with three-member board of directors and new press spokesperson

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

As in all areas of life, the New Year also brings changes within Stadt Alsdorf's fire department, as the fire brigade’s executive board is now complete again after about a year. In addition to Markus Dohms, the head of the fire brigade, and his deputy Christian Becker, the third chair of the leadership ranks has now been staffed.

Since the turn of the year, a member of the volunteer fire brigade has been filling the vacant position. Christoph Simon has most recently operated as the first press spokesperson of the volunteer fire brigade and from now on acts as the second deputy chief. Mr. Simon himself has been active for the institution with the red emergency vehicles and the blue light since his youth. During his most recent years as a firefighter, he was involved as a group leader within his fire fighting unit, where he enjoys a great deal of trust from his team. Apart from the happenings within the fire brigade, he is also always happy to be available as a contact person for legal questions, to which he contributes the knowledge he has due to his main profession as a lawyer. Unanimously and without counter proposal he was nominated for the new post at the hearing of the team on 10 September 2020, which was confirmed by the town council in December.

The position of the first press spokesperson now also had to be re-staffed. The Alsdorf fire brigade’s executive board decided for the promotion of the acting deputy press officer Andreas Wolf. The knowledge he has due to his main job as a marketing manager was something he already contributed to the fire brigade ten years ago when he launched the fire brigade's Facebook page. For about five years, he has been handling the print and radio and television stations‘ press enquiries as deputy press spokesperson and henceforth as the first point of contact.

Photo: © Stadt Alsdorf/Pressestelle

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