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Angel-Side, MVV Maastricht supporter group responds to rioters across NL: "stay away from our city"

The MVV Maastricht football supporter's group posted a warning on their Facebook page to anyone considering rioting or causing unrest in Maastricht in protest against the avondklok which was introduced on Saturday 23 January. The avondklok is one of the strictest in Europe, starting at 21:00 and continuing through to 04:30, until Wednesday 10 February.

"No looting and vandalism in our city
Last weekend we saw that in other cities destruction and looting took place under the pretext of demonstrations. Corona protests were used by certain groups as an excuse to cause enormous damage to the very entrepreneurs who suffer the most from the measures. We will not allow this in Maastricht! We are taking action against this. We are not against demonstrations, but stay away from our city!
There are rumours that there are also plans to protest in Maastricht. It should be clear to anyone who takes part in the demonstration that we do not tolerate destruction and looting! For those who still feel the need to come to our city, we hope that the police will find you before we do. Forewarned is forearmed."

Image: © Angel-Side Facebook page 2021

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