Animal shelters: Covid-19's silver lining

Liège's animal shelter has found some positive effects to the Covid-19 pandemic: fewer pets being abandonment and more adoptions both for dogs and cats.

The Société Royal Protectrice des Animaux – SRPA in Liege has noticed a significant drop in abandonments and an equally beneficial increase in adoptions in the year 2020. They certainly aim to maintain this trend beyond the crisis.

Photo: Facebook page SRPA asbl © SPRA Liege

The figures speak for themselves: in the Cointe shelter 3,200 abandonments were registered in 2019 against 2,800 in 2020. As for the adoptions, 1800 were carried out in 2019, number which rose to 2000 in 2020. This is a positive balance sheet for the SRPA shelters with the refuge of Cointe being currently at 50% of its capacity, with one out of two stalls remaining unoccupied.

Despite that silverlining, the health crisis, still impede the shelters organisation as most are currently forced to operate without their volunteers making it logistically challenging at times. Likewise, as a result of the restriction, access to shelters are drasically limited; appointment are required for any visit.

The shelter in Cointe, happy with their numbers, still encourage the visits of their shelter as even though there are fewer dogs and cats there, the remaining ones would very much like to start the year in a new adoptive family.

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