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Avondklok appeal heard, however more time needed by gerechtshof to make ruling in NL

Gerechtshof Den Haag voorzitter Tan-de Sonnaville says that after hearing arguments from both sides, more time is needed to make a ruling. Initially, the court was aiming to give a decision today, but Tan-de Sonnaville says that will not be possible. Next Friday, a written verdict will be given.

On Tuesday 16 February the rechtbank (district court) in Den Haag ruled in favour of campaign group Viruswaarheid that the avondklok is a far-reaching infringement of the right to freedom of movement and privacy. The presiding judge believed that decisions were made too quickly regarding implementation and the correct legal processes were not followed in the implementation of the temporary regulations.

The Rijksoverheid immediately made an emergency appeal to Gerechtshof (Court of Appeal) Den Haag asking that the avondklok remain in force while the cases could be argued in more detail. Viruswaarheid were asked to prepare their case for a hearing scheduled for today.

Viruswaarheid's front man Willem Engel immediately told the counsellor that he finds it a "strange state of affairs", because in his opinion the court of appeal could have ruled quickly in the emergency appeal on Tuesday. "We thought this was the wisest choice," Tan-de Sonnaville replies, emphasising that she wants to look at the case thoroughly. "With speed, but not too fast."

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