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Bartender – Bold Rooftop Bar, Maastricht

For Bold Rooftopbar we are looking for an enthusiastic bartender on a full-time or part-time basis. We are a young company that has existed for less than two years and is in full development. We are located on top of The Student Hotel in Maastricht in the new Sphinxkwartier, the rough area of Maastricht and are the only rooftop bar in the center. A great place to work with a fantastic view of the region every day.

We are an international company with many different nationalities in our team and a lot of English is spoken. However, we are of Maastricht origin and Dutch is the main language, but given its international character, English is a must to speak and understand. Since our guests come from all over the world, this is of course a requirement.

If you are studying in Maastricht and you want to work a few extra hours in a nice bar/restaurant, then you are certainly welcome with us. Have you finished your studies, do you currently have no work due to the current circumstances or are you just looking for something new and is the catering industry your passion, your profession? We look forward to seeing you!

The bar is the beating heart of Bold, it happens here. Cocktails are our number one priority and to get started with us you just have to love them! Of course, it is the total picture with wine, coffee, soft drinks, champagne and beer, but the cocktails are what it's all about. Are you already getting a smile on your face? Beautiful!

We want that smile, a positive attitude and a good vibe in our team! Because with our team we do it, we make it a party every day and we are there for each other. We will certainly also do fun things together in our spare time, when that is possible again. We build a bond and we make the team stronger and closer. That is the basis of our company!

If you would like to become part of our team, send an email to rob@boldrooftopbar.com together with your CV and motivation to work with us, then I will invite you for an introductory meeting. I hope to meet you soon!


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