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Belgium lifts age limit restrictions on Janssen vaccine

The Interministeriële Conferentie Volksgezondheid – IMC decided at the end of May to temporarily impose an age limit of 41 years for the Janssen vaccine (J&J) following a very rare side effect involving severe thrombosis in combination with a reduced platelet count after vaccination.

At the request of the IMC, the Task Force investigated whether and how it is desirable and possible to allow young people between the ages of 18 and 40 to make an informed choice about the J&J vaccine. Based on the Task Force's scientific, legal and operational analysis, the IMC Public Health believes that this choice should be possible, but under certain conditions. For example, the person must be properly informed and still be able to refuse the J&J vaccine at any time without any consequences. In other words, even in this case of refusal, the person retains his/her right to the vaccine planned for him/her, or to the free PCR test(s).