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Carrying Karneval in the heart – a digital celebration of Aachen Karneval

”Alaaf!” This special Karneval salutation won’t be heard on streets full of dressed up people, riding on festive carriages or “schunkelnd”, (swaying to the music) arm in arm with strangers in crowded party tents. However, there is an alternative to celebrate Aachen Karneval after all! “Radio Alaaf!”

Without corona, the Karneval party tents in Aachen would have stood ready today for party animals, party princesses and princes and everyone else who loves Karneval so much they already think about their next costume a week after the end of the current Karneval season. However everyone who is still sitting at home, blaming corona, the old party pooper, for ruining the celebration of this much-beloved “fifth season”: chin up and get your clown nose ready, for the FestAusschuss Aachener Karneval – AKK has prepared some special highlights that can be enjoyed safely from home!

Photo: Karl der Große (Charlemagne) statue on top of Karlsbrunnen in front of the Aachen Rathaus (city hall) © Junghyun Shin 2016

For the festive days, until Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday), Radio Alaaf, a specially set up Karneval radio stream, is playing Karneval hits around the clock. Additionally the radio program is fed with special treats such as interviews with Dirk Trampen, Kommandant der Prinzengarde der Stadt Aachen (commander of the Aachen [carnival] prince’s guard) about the Prinzengarde’s 111-year-long existence or with Aachen dancers who will talk about Karneval showdance and more.

If that wasn’t enough, on Saturday 13 February from 20:11 to 22:45, the AKK also invites to the digital Schlubbe-Sitzung (slipper stage show), during which, among others, the Karnevalsprinz (carnival prince) Guido I. and the Märchenprinz (fairytale prince [child prince]) Phil I. will appear and perform. The Schlubbe-Sitzung will be live-streamed via the AKK Facebook-page and their YouTube channel.

Märchenprinz Phil I.’s digital proclamation ceremony can also still be watched on YouTube.

“Carry Karneval in your hearts, celebrate the fantastic days with your families and stay healthy!”

[Extract from one of Märchenprinz Phil I.’s official statements]

The most important at a glance:

About Radio Alaaf.

About the Schlubbe-Sitzung.

About Karnevalsprinz Guido I and his Prinzengarde.

About Märchenprinz Phil I.

In that sense: Oche Alaaf!

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