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Corda Buurderij – local produce on Corda Campus in Hasselt

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Fresh, #coronaproof and local, Corda Buurderij continues operations on Corda Campus in Hasselt.

Everyone, both employees and local residents, can come to Corda Campus to pick up honest, fresh products. Corda Campus brings people together in a fun, inspiring way where they also try to support their entrepreneurs as much as possible.

The Corda Buurderij takes place in the heart of the campus: Corda Park, centrally located on the campus. Products can be ordered and paid for online via the convenient online platform www.boerenenburen.be

Organic fruit and vegetables, organic meat, dairy products, organic bread and all sorts of produce are available directly from the producer. The farmer sets the price and gets a fair income for their produce. The Corda Buurderij is held every Tuesday between 16:30 and 18:00.

In contrast to regular markets, customers can only collect ordered products and not buy additional products on the spot, so that the supply is perfectly attuned to the demand.

Register for your order here.

With 250 companies and 5000 people, Corda Campus is one of the largest business campuses in Europe. Surprising encounters, interesting companies and exciting events form the basis of a vibrant business community. Corda Campus is an initiative of the Limburg Investment Company LRM and is also part of the dynamic LRM Group.

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