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Corona vaccinations in StädteRegion Aachen: Appointment bookings for over 80-year-olds now possible

After around 34,000 people older than 80 years old, living in StädteRegion Aachen, have received their invitation to vaccination. Since Monday 25 January, it is now possible for them to make their appointments for vaccination.

Due to delivery problems of the BioNTech vaccine, the vaccination start in the vaccination centres had to be postponed by one week. The vaccination centres will thus only be put into operation on 8 February 2021 and for now only for the vaccination of people who have reached the age of 80. The vaccination appointments can be done both online (www.116117.de) and by telephone (0800/116 117-01). Making an appointment over the phone is possible everyday from 8:00 to 22:00. Online, it is possible around the clock. In order to book an appointment online, it is necessary to register with ones personal health card number.

As the systems may be overloaded in the first few days, it is recommended to wait a couple of days and only make the appointments in the later course of the week. The Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein (KVNO) (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians North Rhine) explicitly asks everyone who does not belong to the priorised group of over 80-year-olds, only to call the service hotline once it is officially their turn to make an appointment. Furthermore, it is pointed out that, first and foremost, the appointment booking over the phone is meant for scheduling appointments and not for asking general questions about the corona vaccination, in order not to add extra burdens on the line.

"No one has to worry about their vaccination or their appointment. There is enough time and notice for the appointments to be made, especially since it will take until the end of April for us to vaccinate the group of over 80-year-olds alone for the first time, given the quantities of available vaccine. Everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have their turn, but not immediately. No one has to be afraid of being late. We expect to receive more vaccine doses in the coming weeks, which will also increase the appointment capacity,"

explain Dr. Frank Bergmann, Chairman of the KVNO Board and Dr. Dirk Spelmeyer, Chairman of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe (KVWL).

Appointment bookings for primo-vaccinations are principally possible for the period from 8 February 2021 to 4 April 2021. When making the appointment for the first vaccination, the system automatically registers the respective second vaccination that should take place three weeks later.

Making an appointment in and via the vaccination centre itself, is not possible.

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