• Meuse-Rhine Gazette


In the #Carma and Limburg Regio Hoofdstad police zones in Belgian Limburg, nearly 1,000 local crime files were successfully handled in just six months. A result of #ProjectM, in which the police, the public prosecutor's office and the law enforcement agency adhere to a "lik-op-stuk" (tit-for-tat) policy. In his speech on Monday at the opening of the judicial year, the Antwerp attorney general Patrick Vandenbruwaene praised the project that will be rolled out throughout Limburg next year. Since October 2017, public prosecutors have been located in the police station. This has resulted in faster, more visible and tailored decisions being made for crimes such as bicycle thefts, first offenders, problematic drug use, traffic aggression and vandalism. The M in Project M stands for a Multidisciplinary approach, Maatwerk (customisation) and Met snelheid (with speed). Source: Het Belang van Limburg Photo: Jan Van der Perre

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