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Crisiscentrum / Centre de Crise issue warning for Hautes Fagnes

The large influx of hikers and ramblers in the Hautes Fagnes national parklands today is causing major safety problems not only due to the Covid-19 situation, but also due to the consequences of the large number of people and vehicles ascending on the area. This has a negative impact on accessibility and on the crossing of the area (given the weather conditions and uncontrolled parking along the road). It also has a major impact on the environment.

Protected since 1957, the 5,000 hectares of open peatlands in Hautes Fagnes are not only the oldest nature reserve in Wallonia, they are also the most famous nature reserve south of the language border. The 67,000 hectares of forests and peat bogs of the even larger Hautes Fagnes-Eifel National Park include the Signal de Botrange (the highest point in Belgium at 694 metres), Baraque Michel (third highest point in Belgium at 674 metres) as well as numerous lesser-known sites and nature reserves.

Crisiscentrum along with local authorities are urging residents and visitors you not to go to this region during this long weekend.

"If you were to make a trip, avoid crowded tourist places. There are plenty of beautiful and less popular places where you can enjoy yourself in complete safety."

Photo: © Crisiscentrum / Centre de Crise 2020

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