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Servais Tielman relaunched Beluga loves you in #Maastricht on Friday 6 September in his own trademark style. Tielman took over the business from his former mentor Hans van Wolde, who is starting a new restaurant on a farm in Limburg (NL). During the search for products that fit his unique culinary philosophy Tielman has put together his own limited edition cookbook, the first cookbook in the world that boasts content littered with AR (augmented reality) - it literally comes to life. The perfect caviar was part of Tielman's search for the ultimate products for his recipes, this has resulted in a collaboration between Beluga Loves You and the Belgian Imperial Heritage, where a private label has been developed specifically for the Maastricht restaurant. Being harvested in the National Parc area in #Piedmont, this caviar is quite unique. The Beluga Loves You interior is also set for change, being conceptualised and designed to meet Tielman's new vision for the restaurant. This part of the Beluga transition will be taken step by step in the coming years. Source: Misset Horeca

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