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Cultural heritage

#Sphinxkwartier in #Maastricht received recognition as an official “anchor point” along the #ERIH – European Route of Industrial Heritage yesterday. ERIH board member Hildebrand de Boer and alderman Gert-Jan Krabbendam touched on the importance of regeneration of industrial areas and architecture and inclusion of our industrial history in these modern times. According to Krabbendam, continuing to make the link between our past and our future will hopefully secure firm ties with born and bred Maastrichtenaren and the new waves of residents such as students and internationals. Also present at the unveiling held in the new “stage for and of the city”, De Ruimte, was Joes Minis, Curator Special Collections at Centre Céramique who penned the application for the acknowledgement. #EuregioMeuseRhine has more than twenty ERIH anchor points, all of which can be seen in a detailed map on www.erih.net

For more photos from the event, head to our Instagram feed.

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