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Cultural heritage

Angelique Friedrichs, Historical Interior Restoration and Research Expert is painstakingly removing wallpaper from the #AlbertHeijn To Go in #Maastricht central station. During renovation work at the station a mural has been discovered on the wall of the original second-class station restaurant which dates back to 1963, and the experts have been brought in to assess and hopefully restore the artwork. The mural is from artist Harry Schoonbrood, and was commissioned byMosa and Kristalunie, world famous ceramic and glass producers (respectively) located in Maastricht. According to Stefan Loo from #Monumentenzorg at Gemeente Maastricht it is not yet known if the mural is in good enough condition to be preserved in its entirity, some damage has already been discovered, and the artist’s impression (pictured) is merely a guide to what actually lies beneath. Thankfully the glue used to secure the wallpaper to the mural is water-based and is not causing as much damage as other types of adhesives. The works are estimated to be completed by 12 December, however this may change depending on what is uncovered.

For the rest of the photos of the uncovering of the mural, head to our Instagram feed.

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