• Meuse-Rhine Gazette


The #EuregioMeuseRhine will play host to thousands of visitors during the respective Open Monument Days across the region in the coming weeks. Tag des offenen Denkmals (Day of the Open Monument) and Open Monumentendag (Open Monument Day) will be taking place across Germany and Belgium on the weekend of 7-8 September. There will be several buildings open to the public in #Aachen and #Liège and in #Hasselt there is a special focus on the celebration of 75 years since liberation after WWII. On Saturday 7 September there are special events for children planned in #Eupen (the capital of the German-speaking area in Belgium). The Netherlands holds their Open Monumentendag on the weekend of 14-15 September with more than 200 monuments and activities included across the Province of Limburg, from #Kerkrade, #Roermond, #Vaals, #Heerlen and #Maastricht. Photo: Stadsmuseum Eupen

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