Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Since June this year, a group of young individuals have taken hold of 64 quai Saint Léonard in #Liège. The building previously used as the Moroccan consulate has been inhabited since 2004. The group, Entre-Murs Entre-Mondes, has been squatting and aims to develop an independent social centre. Theatre workshops, trainings, meeting point for several associations. The idea was to create a creative hub within the quartier Saint Léonard. Although the initiative was well received by public opinion, the collective implemented their infrastructure without explicit agreement from the owners of the building. As the collective's aim goes beyond just squatting, the owner, in disagreement with this usage of his property, filed a complaint against the group and is demanding their expulsion. #EntreMursEntreMondes”, has received quite some support from the public and the representatives of the commune. Its influence, rather positive on the neighborhood, is rather appreciated by inhabitants and locals. They are currently seeking for a compromise which would allow them to remain in their current location until the rehabilitation or renovation of the building. The conseil communal is already involved as well as the association Carte Blanche, running a petition, all also aiming at reaching a compromise. Source: RTC Télé Liège

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