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"Digital Shopping Tour" in a new format

A feature article by Hybrider Einzelhandel Aachen (Hybrid Retail Aachen). The programme is being funded by North-Rhine Westphalia – NRW, as part of the programme Digitale Modellregionen NRW (digital model regions NRW).

In Aachen, the "Digitaler Einkaufsbummel" (Digital Shopping Tour) will take place for the fourth time on Thursday 29 April. This time, it will be in a new format – as an Instagram live shopping event from 18:00 to 20:00. This will give the participating stores even more space to show their products and inspire customers. Project manager Jalina Maaßen reports that there are retailers in the city who have already had very good experiences with Instagram live shopping.

Dieter Begaß, head of the Aachen Fachbereich Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Digitalisierung und Europa (department of Economics, Science, Digitalization and Europe of the City), adds:

"In the project 'Hybrider Einzelhandel', we are testing a variety of formats to show retailers and restaurants in Aachen different digital possibilities. This time, we want to use Instagram to test how digital shopping via a social media channel is perceived in Aachen."

Six stores from the city center are taking part in the event. In short presentations, they will dedicate themselves to the evening's theme "Kleinigkeiten, die glücklich machen – Inspirationen für Mutter- und Vatertag" (Little things that make you happy – inspirations for Mother's and Father's Day". Via the Instagram channel @hybrider.einzelhandel.ac, the participating retailers will present a selection of their products live within a timeslot of twenty minutes each. In addition, they will be giving away two jointly designed and packed surprise gift boxes for mum and dad. So it's worth watching. The conditions for participating in the raffle will be published on the project's Instagram channel.

Information about the fourth Digitaler Einkaufsbummel and a list of the participating retailers can be found at www.hybrider-einzelhandel-aachen.de and / or by sending an e-mail to hybrider.einzelhandel@mail.aachen.de. Registration for the event is not required. Access is possible via the Instagram account @hybrider.einzelhandel.ac and / or the participating stores' accounts.

Image: © Hybrider Einzelhandel Aachen 2021

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