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One central challenge of today’s professional world is incorporating new technologies into business operations. To foster students’ digital skills, the zdi-network Aachen & Region Heinsberg is hosting a “zdi-BusinessSlam”. Selected companies will have the opportunity to present the digital demands their businesses pose to future professionals. This provides an informal platform for young students to come into contact with regional businesses.

Within five minutes, selected companies from various sectors will be presenting their company and the digital requirements that they are placing on tomorrow's skilled workers at digitalCHURCH, Jülicher Straße 72a. The pupils thus have the opportunity to get in touch with companies in the region directly and yet in a relaxed atmosphere.

Students from all secondary schools in #Aachen and Heinsberg from the 8th grade are invited to attend the xdi-BusinessSlam which will take place on Thursday 21 November from 16:30 to 18:30.

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