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Discover or rediscover the curiosity cabinet concept in Liège

Lionel Lebeau, a young artist from Liège has developed a real cabinet of curiosities by metamorphosing and magnifying natural materials. His creations are the result of an astonishing mixture of entomology (the science of insects), osteology (the science of animal or human skeletons), sculpture and graphics. Real skulls, authentic insects, plants: these are his favoured materials.

Each piece is painted white before being assembled. The artist then colours them with Indian ink to complete the metamorphosis. Each sculpture has a name.

Lebeau sees his work as a resurrection process: a second life given to the remains of living beings that retain their uniqueness. With his hybrids, Lebeau composes his personal mythology, a transfigured bestiary only declined in black and white.

Lebeau will be exhibiting a few of his pieces at the Gallery Liehrmann in Liege until 6 March. He is also represented in Paris by the Time Corp Gallery.

Photo: Baphomantis © Lionel Lebeau 2020

Lebeau graduated from the Académie des Beaux Art de Liège. He gets his supplies from specialised entomological fairs and from collectors. No animal has been killed to carry out his work and he has all the necessary certificates concerning protected species.

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