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Labour market

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

The Dutch government announced today that it will provide financial support for cross-border information points from next year. The ten information points, distributed along the Dutch border, offer services to employees who work, live or study in one of the neighbouring countries or are planning to do so.

Social Affairs and Employment State Secretary Tamara van Ark signed an agreement in Nijmegen today with representatives of the border regions. From 2020, the Dutch government and the regions will each contribute one million euros each year. The Dutch government has agreed €900,000 each year for the central back office operations of the cross-border information points, which is carried out by the Sociale Verzekeringsbank..

More than 20,000 Dutch people commute daily for work between the Netherlands and Germany or Belgium. Almost 80,000 people from our neighbouring countries work in the Netherlands, with thousands of Dutch citizens living just across the border. The rules for building up a pension, paying taxes or health insurance vary by country. This also applies to matters such as diploma / degree accreditations, obtaining a driver's licence, the rules on dismissal or the amount of child benefit. Due to these differences, it is not always clear what living or working across the border means for someone's personal situation.

"It is important to remove as many bumps as possible from working or living across the border with reliable and easily available information. The cross-border information points provide this. By structurally investing in these offices, the government illustrates that it attaches importance to a well-functioning cross-border labour market. The labour market does not stop at the border, but offers opportunities for employees, companies and regions on both sides. We can make much more use of the labour market this way." Tamara van Ark, Dutch State Secretary.

"The team at the Cross Border Information Point (Grensinfopunt) Maastricht is very pleased with the structural funding of this important service towards the cross-border commuters in the Maastricht Region. Every year, the Grensinfopunt Maastricht helps more than 1,800 customers with all their questions about working and living across the border. This proves the need for this type of service. Many people rely on our advice that they cannot find anywhere else." Marcel Dautzenberg, Grensinfopunt Maastricht.

In addition to Grensinfopunt Maastricht, in Euregio Meuse-Rhine we have Grensinfopunt Eurode / Grenzinfopunkt Aachen.

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