• M. Lormeau

E25-E40/A602: closed at night from 22:00-06:00 until 12 March

Due to maintenance, the joining segment on the highways E25-E40 will be closed in both directions from 22:00-06:00 from 8 March until 12 March. For four nights, the road between interchange 35 "Avroy/Laveu" and interchange 39 " Chênée " will not be accessible.

In order to carry out the quarterly maintenance work on ventilation and electro mechanical equipment, the E25-E40 jointing will be closed 22:00 on Monday 8 March. The link will be completely closed to traffic, for four days, at night only, from 22:00-06:00, in order to limit the impact on traffic.

This closure will apply to both directions of traffic, between the "Avroy/Laveu" interchange no. 35 and the "Chênée" interchange no. 39, from the nights of the 8, 9, 10, 11 March

The usual detours will be set up via the A604.

Map: © Wallonie infrastructures

Find more information in French here.

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