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The Digital DeConstruction study set up in #Heerlen has been granted a subsidy of five million euros from Interreg Europe. The basis of the project is to develop software that makes circular construction possible on a European scale. The researchers are working on a digital system that makes it possible to design houses and buildings with materials released from the dismantling of renovation and demolition projects. By linking this system to "building-information-model-techniques", a cycle is created between "designing, building and demolition." Scarce raw materials can thus be reused as high quality components. The Heerlen engineering firm Re Use Materials, set up by Maarten Stadhouders and Erol Öztan, took the initiative for the research project. The purpose of this circular construction method is also to substantially reduce CO2 emissions. "The construction industry is one of the biggest culprits," said Stadhouders and Öztan. Source: De Limburger Photo: Maarten Stadhouders of Re Use Materials by Roger Dohmen

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