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Childcare organisations #PIWGroepParkstad and #MIKKinderopvang have amalgamated. They hope that this will help them to combine knowledge and improve care. The new organisation has 800 employees, and there are no plans for redundancies. Directeur Raymond Clement: "Nothing will change for the 5,000 children we care for in over 90 locations". All the various parts of both PIW and MIK will continue to operate under their own name. The amalgamation is intended to improve services and to provide a better answer to requests for child care. Prevention of health problems can also be improved in this way This links in closely with Provincie Limburg's programme cyclus, which concentrates on providing support for the ”healthy start to life” approach for children up to four years old. Source: 1Limburg Photo: MIK Kinderopvang

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