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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

In a concerted effort to encourage more Maastrichtenaren to consider working cross-border, Servicepunt Grensoverschrijdend Arbeidsmiddeling – SGA (Cross-Border Employment Service Point) together with Podium24 (South Limburg labor market, reintegration, secondment and deployment service provider) offered jobseekers registered in #Maastricht the opportunity to attend VDAB Talentevent in Genk today.

A coach full of more than 40 hopefuls were taken in style to the job fair in Genk where more than 85 employers were waiting to discuss potential positions within their organisations with the 4,500 attendees. Alderman for Economy, (EU) Regionalisation, Housing and Social Innovation Vivianne Heijnen was on hand to give an encouraging word to participants before they departed Maastricht central station, and cross-border labour expert Ton van Tilburg gave a workshop en-route about the ins and outs of working cross-border.

Some residents of the #EuregioMeuseRhine find the idea of working cross-border not so appealing due to the fact that there are specific considerations to be made regarding tax, pensions and employment contracts, however, there are a number of organisations set up by the EMR and through the EMR on hand to assist with each query at every level of employment.

SGA's goal is to substantially strengthen supply and demand through the use of labor market-oriented projects, in specific economic clusters on both sides of the Belgian-Dutch border and handles individual (cross-border) questions across all sectors.

The team in Maastricht works closely with the SGA Euregio Meuse-Rhine Kerkrade team, which focusses on cross-border mediation in the Parkstad-Germany region. With dedicated partners such as the UWV and the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service (VDAB) they are able to quickly answer questions for each individual's very specific situations.

In addition to the services provided by SGA, in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine we have Grensinfopunt Maastricht, which has a desk dedicated to cross-border employment at the Maastricht International Centre (at present located in the Gemeente Maastricht offices at Mosae Forum 10), and Grenzinfopunkt Aachen is also dedicated to supporting our cross-border workers.

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