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EMR calls on Belgian government to reopen borders

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In order to enable the residents of our border regions to resume their normal daily lives, the administration of the EGTC Meuse-Rhine Euroregion – EMR has called on the Nationale Veiligheidsraad (Belgian National Security Council) and the Belgian federal government to open the borders without delay.

The EMR feels that the closure of the borders has made – and continues to make – the daily lives of all border residents, but also of many businesses, extremely difficult. The EMR is one of the most integrated border regions in Europe and is therefore a very important cross-border exchange. In the wider border area, from Bruges to Arlon, approximately 103,000 cross-border workers, including about 10,000 in the health sector, cross the border every day on their way to work (the EMR has 36,000 cross-border workers, including about 5,000 in the health sector). School children and students, as well as residents, cross the border every day to complete their education, consult a doctor, see their relatives and relatives or even their children.

Since mid-March, border controls have prevented or made this more difficult, with the result that the lives of border residents are heavily affected.

Following other decisions to relax the rules that have been taken in recent hours, the EMR Board proposes that the Nationale Veiligheidsraad and the Belgian federal government take into account the obstacles that make the lives of border workers more difficult in their daily lives.

Specifically, the EMR believes that consideration should be given to extending the main reasons for crossing the border, in particular the possibility of seeing family and relatives, because in their opinion, what applies to the domestic situation must also apply across borders.

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