• Meuse-Rhine Gazette


The German postal service “Deutsche Post” is making steady progress regarding its switch to e-transport throughout their company. The Deutsche Post in #Cologne boasts over 10,000 street scooters, and more than 50000 transporters throughout the entire country. Deutsche Post chairperson Tobias Meyer says the company is “a clear market leader in green logistics”, and “serious about our ambitious zero-emissions-goals by 2050”. While it is unclear how many street scooters have been sold up until today, it is very apparent that this business has the capacity to expand in #Aachen. Nevertheless, experts doubt that the street scooters can survive on the free market without internal subsidies. Although the vehicles are maintained in a simple fashion, their production appears to be expensive, which auto-expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from University Duisburg-Essen claims to be “everything but a success story for the Deutsche Post”. This leaves street scooters’ future adaptability in #Aachen unclear. Source: Aachener Zeitung Photo: dpa/Oliver Berg

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