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Euregional Job Fair 2021

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The Euregional platform where Dutch, Belgian and German employers and job seekers meet.

Taking place this year at Limburg Lead's second annual trade fair, the Euregional Job Fair aims to offer:

  • Direct contact and personal introductions

  • Workshops on cross-border working & cross-border themes

  • Practical tips for employers and jobseekers

  • Knowledge sharing Euroregional labour market

  • Organised by the Servicepunten Grensoverschrijdende Arbeidsbemiddeling – SGA (Cross-border Employment Service Points) and its partners from the (eu)region.

Zuid-Limburg borders on Midden-Limburg in the Netherlands for a mere 6km, while the rest of the 220km border is an international one. However, it is not self-evident that residents of Zuid-Limburg will cross the borders for a new job.

It is a pity because if we think away these borders, we will have 4 million inhabitants and no less than 2.2 million jobs, all within one hour's travelling time.

In 2016 and 2018, the Servicepunten Grensoverschrijdende Arbeidsbemiddeling – SGA's (Cross-border Employment Service Points) were created. The aim of these service points is to connect employers and jobseekers in the border region.

One of the many initiatives ultimately led to this unique Euroregional Job Fair in South Limburg. It is even better that we can combine it with the euregional network event Limburg Leads.

The Euregional Job Fair Zuid-Limburg is the platform where Dutch, Belgian and German employers can meet each other. Together with partners, the Grensinfopunt and Eures, we are organising various workshops on working across borders on this day.

A unique opportunity for employers, jobseekers but also entrepreneurs and chain partners to get well informed about all the opportunities our beautiful Euregio Meuse-Rhine offers us.

The youRegion project is one of the organisers of the Euregional Job Fair.

The youRegion project (2018-2022) and their partners aim to promote living and working without borders in a top international technology region with a 360° cross-border labour market, the basis for a Euregional culture of welcome. The youRegion project provides services to help cross-border workers, newcomers and their families feel at home in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

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