Poetry Slam events are quite popular across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, with some regions being more heavily involved than others. This evening we saw the resurrection of poetic rumblings in Maastricht in 't Keldertje. The city not having its own dedicated poetry event since the end of Maastricht International Poetry Nights in 2017, this gathering was most definitely more low-key, however it delivered on high-quality.

A seemly shy but very talented audience initially gave individual performances in English, however the ever-growing international side of Maastricht prompted very personal recitations in Portuguese, French, Dutch and Russian. The event was hosted by Kaleido, Maastricht's inclusive student community, and held in cultural free zone and creative incubator 't Keldertje, located along the river Maas.

Recently Borderlines Euregional Poetry Slam held their finale in Aachen after preliminary rounds in Heerlen and Eupen. The competition was held in Dutch and German, with surtitles on a big screen for those needing translations. The Borderlines team are looking forward to an even broader competition next year including Genk, Liège and perhaps Maastricht and potentially holding the event in English.

For those not yet aware of the phenomenon, slam poetry is a type of poetry competition where participants read their poems without props, costumes, or music. After performing, they receive scores (0-10) from randomly selected judges. The judges can be anyone, and scores are awarded based on how much each judge likes a poem.

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