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FixMyStreet Wallonie: an anti-waste application to keep the environment clean

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Fly tipping, overflowing bottle banks, damaged public waste bins... it’s not always obvious who to contact to report this type of issue encountered in public spaces. FixMyStreet Wallonie is an application that enables residents to report all problems encountered in public spaces in Wallonie and to help to improve the living environment.

The idea behind this website and this application was inspired by FixMyStreet, tool developed by the British non-profit organisation MySociety’s. The tool has been developed based on the FixMyStreet Brussels created by the Centre d’Informatique pour la Région Bruxelloise - BRIC (Brussels Region Information Centre).

The app FixMyStreet Wallonie is gradually implemented to numerous city althrough Wallonie, in le Province de Liège, Hainaut and Namur. It enables residents to report illegal waste disposal to the concerned authorities. The app, while promoting the use of online technologies to empower residents and encourage civic participation, also aims at spreading awareness on illegal dumping. It is developed by the non-profit organisation BeWaPP, greatly involved in the improvement of public cleanliness in Wallonie.

Image: Fixmystreet.Wallonie © BeWaPP

Through the locations feature on most smartphones, reports are made easier. The interface also allows users to indicate the type of waste and gives the possibility to take a photo of it. Once it is sent in, the alert will immediately be taken care of by the relevant services. The author of the alert will then receive follow-ups on the treatment of the reported waste. Residents without a smartphone can also take part in this campaign on the web site www.fixmystreetwallonie.be

The application is free of charge to both municipalities and residents as all costs are covered by BeWaPP. The app is downlodable via Google Play and the App Store for all residents in Wallonie.

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