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Forest in 1 day: 3000 trees planted in Lanaye

Over the next few days around 3,000 trees are to be planted in Lanaye in the commune of Visé as part of the initiative "Forest in 1 Day”. The initiative is organised by energy supplier Luminus and the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium.

The action began on Sunday 7th February, in the presence of Tinne Van Der Straeten, ministre Fédérale de l’énergie, Viviane Dessart, Bourgemestre of Visé, Francis Theunissen, 1er échevin du college communale de Visé (1st Alderman of Visé’s municipal authorities), and Xavier Malmendier, échevin de l’environnement (Alderman for the Environment).

Video: © Luminus

In 2019, Luminus and the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium had started a three-year partnership with the aim of planting at least 36,000 indigenous climate-resistant trees in Belgium and 3,600,000 trees in Africa in the aim of building an energy-neutral future. In Belgium, this reforestation campaign takes place every year on the first Sunday of February at three different locations. This year, 14,000 trees are to be planted in Visé, Brakel and Alken.

The choice of the plot in Lanaye delighted Viviane Dessart:

"It is an extremely well-located site. It is a former football pitch, it is next to the Montagne Saint-Pierre nature reserve, close to the Lanaye canal, the Meuse and the Ravel. This project will contribute to the attractiveness of our geographical location for tourists."

Pierre Hermans of the forestry consultancy partner company Sylva Nova agrees and adds to Dessart’s statement:

“This can only benefit biodiversity and the landscape. Certain endangered and protected species must continue to benefit from ecological connectivity in the open environment between the left bank of the Meuse, the tip of Lanaye and the Netherlands."

This year, the reforestation action could not be carried out with the volunteers and residents due to the health measures in force but the trees will still be planted, only over several days.

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