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Gemeente Vaals: stay away this weekend

Gemeente Vaals burgemeester Harry Leunessen has made a plea to potential visitors to stay away from Vaals and the Vijlnerbos area this weekend.

"We saw today that a lot of people went out into the country because of the snow. This led to crowds in a number of places. Due to the current pandemic this kind of situation is undesirable, as it can cause the Covid-19 regulations not to be followed."
"We are currently in a lockdown. The coronavirus is still spreading, even though we are now vaccinating. So it is important to continue to monitor the coronary measures. The advice is still: stay home as much as possible and avoid crowds."

The Vijlenerbos is a 650 ha large forest and nature reserve near the town of Vijlen in the municipality of Vaals in Limburg (NL). At the southern edge of the forest are small parts of the Belgian municipality of Blieberg. The Vijlenerbos actually consists of several forests, which are all owned by the Staatsbosbeheer; that is why they are sometimes referred to as the Vijlenerbossen.

Photo: Vijlnerbos © Gemeente Vaals 2021

"I understand that many people want to visit our outlying area. It's the first snow of this winter and the snowfall has stuck in only a few places, including around Vaals and Vijlen. That winter scenery is all the more reason to want to go out after a week of sitting inside. However we are still dealing with the coronavirus. We have to avoid scenes like in April. Back then, despite repeated calls to stay at home, many people were still on the road. In fact, it was so busy in our outlying areas that roads had to be closed. We do not want to see that happen again. I therefore urge you not to go on a snowshoe hike this weekend in the forests around Vijlen and Vaals. Our outlying area cannot cope with a large influx of snow. Take responsibility."

Photo: Epenerbaan closed to traffic © Gemeente Vaals

In order to guarantee safety, Epenerbaan has been closed at the following locations. This is a safety measure that is taken more often during snowfall, because of the snow and slipperiness on that road.

  • From Lodge towards Epen/Camerig;

  • From Buitenlust towards Vaals (Camerig and Cottessen are still accessible from Buitenlust);

  • From 't Hijgend Hert (Rugweg) towards Epenerbaan.

  • Camerig and Cottessen can only be reached from the sides of Vijlen and Vaals via the Groenenweg in Vijlen. The road is closed until further notice.

Parking in the outlying area will be closely monitored this weekend and vehicles parked outside of allocated spaces will be fined and potentially removed.

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