Updated: Jan 8, 2021

In #Sprimont, #Liège, an old fashioned steam locomotive train from 1906 is being restored. The machine, unused since WWII, is the only remaining (working) steam powered train in the Province de Liège. The province were involved in the industrialisation and the development of the railway system in Belgium and several relics are still protected by train and history enthousiasts. For forty years the group “Chemin de fer de Sprimont" have been working towards the preservation, restoration and acknowledgement of the provincial railway heritage. They are rebuilding the original train, part after part, after it was dismantled at the end of WWII. Last part to be added to the machine, a brand new steam boiler, which is under construction at the moment was commissioned to a Czech specialist. In the meantime and until it’s up and steam running, the old locomotive can be discovered during the La Journee Du Patrimoine on the weekend of 7-8 September. Source: RTC Télé Liège

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