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Hoge Venen / Hautes Fagnes to partly re-open to tourists

A working group consisting of representatives from the municipalities of Jalhay, Waimes, Malmedy and Eupen meets regularly to tackle the strong and recurring situation regarding "mass tourism in the Hoge Venen / Hautes Fagnes".

After being closed to traffic for two weekends, the Hoge Venen / Hautes Fagnes will be reopened this weekend with access granted in certain places.

The parking capacity outside the national roads will be optimised, this means that campers are still not allowed to park there or stay overnight. They will be diverted to the official campsites in Sourbrodt, Baugnez, St. Vith, Malmedy and Eupen.

The car parks will be cleared of snow if necessary to optimise the number of

the number of parking spaces available. However, the toilet facilities will not

be accessible.

  • In the Hoge Venen / Hautes Fagnes, the car parks at Drossart, Baraque Michel, Mont Rigi, Signal de Botrange and Peak Brouwerij will be accessible.

  • Parking along the national road is only allowed in designated areas. The Service Public de Wallonie – SPW, the administrator of these roads, will install the appropriate signposting.

  • Local police patrols will check these regulations in order to ensure strict compliance with the parking regulations and traffic regulations.

  • At the northern part of the Hoge Venen / Hautes Fagnes, on the N67 between Eupen and the German border the car parks at Ternell, Brackvenn and Plattevenn will accessible and cleared for traffic.

The Dienst voor Toerisme van Oost-België and the Toerisme van Sart-Jalhay also invite residents to discover, according to their recommendations and notices, other beautiful walks and landscapes that exist on their territory outside the Hoge Venen / Hautes Fagnes.

Special attention will also be paid to waste disposal by emptying the public rubbish bins more often. Visitors are asked to pay more attention to keeping their surroundings clean, especially in the nature reserve.

An evaluation of the measures will take place after the weekend, as well as of the traffic, parking and the nature reserve, in order to plan the measures for the following weekends.

Walkers and hikers are asked to respect nature, stay on designated paths and not to leave any litter behind.

Claudia Niessen

Bürgermeisterin Stadt Eupen

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