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Igor Gehenot Delta quartet to perform in Aachen

A very Euregional musical experience will take place this weekend. At 18:00 on Sunday 8 December, the Igor Gehenot Delta quartet will be performing at the Nadelfabrik cultural centre at Reichsweg 30 in #Aachen.

The musical group’s spearhead, Igor Gehenot, enjoyed a classical pianist’s education at an early age, later entering the jazz department of the Académie royale des beaux-arts de Liège at 13. His musical portfolio ranges from Modern to Accoustic Jazz, but also has an affinity for Boogie-Woogie, Funk, and Hop-Hop.

Founded in 2007, the quartet is comprised of trumpeter Alex Tassel, double-bassist Viktor Nyberg and drummist Jérôme Klein. The four have performed at several clubs and festivals, now looking forward to their performance, free entrance, at the Nadelfabrik in Aachen.

Photo: Igor Gehenot Delta

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