• Meuse-Rhine Gazette


For years, the city of #Aachen has been toying with the idea of rerouting traffic around its street encircled Theater Aachen and plaza #TheaterplatzAachen. From 16-22 September, the theatre will be able to test these plans during European Mobility Week. During the week’s festivities, visitors are invited to enjoy lectures, sketches, music after 17:00 every day. Discussion groups concerning city traffic will also be held after 18:00, including spokespeople from

Aachen’s biking lobby group ADFC, Greenpeace Aachen and Fridays For Future Aachen. The city already anticipates civil protest due to the unfamiliar detours, but urban planners are convinced that restructuring traffic around the theatre will not only yield high profits, but also connect the theatre plaza closer to the central city point #Elisenbrunnen and grant both pedestrians and cyclists safer travelling space. The commissioned project committee Runde Tisch Radverkehr (Traffic Round Table) indeed promises “higher quality of life and residence” and envisions a first workable attempt to redirect traffic around the theatre and this part of the city. Source: Aachener Zeitung Photo: ZVA/Michael Jaspers

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