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Roadworks in Kleine Maastrichterstraat in #Hasselt have meant that local shops have had to make extra efforts to encourage shoppers. “We are happy that the work is taking place – if you look at Kapelstraat you see that our street will be much more attractive once it is finished,” says Peter Verbeemen of Taverne De Witte. “So together we agreed that each shop would arrange its own special offer: things like price reductions, free products, shopping bags.” The most striking is definitely that of Slagerij Quentin. Decades ago the butcher used to deliver meat by bicycle, and it is now reintroducing this service. “People can place an order by phone”, said butcher Free Mestré, “and we will get it delivered at the arranged time. This was how things used to be done, and butcher’s and baker’s bikes were a common sight in the town. For some of our customers the road works make it difficult to reach us, so we will offer the service at least until they are finished.” All being well things will be back to normal towards the end of the year. Source: Het Belang van Limburg Photo: Sven Dillen

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