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Work has started on the project "Fietsen door de Heide" (cycling though the heath) along the Weg Naar Zutendaal #Opgrimbie. A 300 metre cyclists bridge through the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen will increase the pleasure of cycling here and also provide a safer route. Igor Philtjens of Visit Limburg: “Until now there has been no link with the bike network here, and it was not safe. Cyclists had to cross a busy road at a dangerous bend. This bridge will enable cyclists to cross the Mechelse heide safely.” “The bridge will rise gently with a 4% incline to 6.5 metres, and descend again after 30 metres. The bridge walls will be made of Limburg pine. The route is now being dug out. To protect nature as much we can, the bridge will be fabricated off-site where possible, and placed on-site later.” The bridge should be an iconic feature in the landscape, and will cost 2.4 million euros – more than the original budget, so Visit Limburg has had to find extra funding, and work was delayed. Maasmechelen is providing 100,000 euro extra. STERCK. Limburg, Provincie Limburg and Toerisme Vlaanderen will make up the difference. Source: Het Belang van Limburg Photo: RR

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