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Inside@Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum: Aachen museum celebrates its reopening online

As part of its digital reopening the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum in Aachen, now a social media regular, is featuring their new series "Inside@Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum" online.

Every Friday at 16:00, the museum curators let followers peek into the newly designed rooms on Facebook and Instagram @suermondtludwig. Sarvenaz Ayooghi, Wibke Birth, Dr. Dagmar Preising and Michael Rief present their favourite works and explain what they paid special attention to when redesigning the exhibition.

Photo: © Stadt Aachen / Andreas Herrmann

Susanne Schwier, city councillor in charge of cultural affairs, and Oberbürgermeisterin Sibylle Keupen enjoyed an exclusive preview.

"The new format complements the existing 'Kunstpause digital' ('art break digital') and gives the online audience exclusive insights into the new museum ambience every Friday via social media. This way, interested people can visit the rooms online, while the museum has to remain closed during the Corona pandemic,"

explains Irit Tirtey, Aachen Kulturbetrieb (Aachen cultural sector) managing director.

Until the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum in Aachen's Wilhelmstraße can reopen and show its treasures in analogue form again, it will only appear online. In times of corona, every Tuesday at 13:00 a Kunstpause digital is shared online. In the videos, which enjoy great popularity, curators explain selected works in a nutshell.

Photo: © Stadt Aachen / Andreas Herrmann

In the coming months, Inside@Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum offers digital tours through the museum's diverse collection: paintings from the 15th to the 20th century, Italian and Spanish art, a graphic collection, sculptures, city history and special collections such as a range of busts featuring women and stained glass. The “Bürgerliche Kunstkammer” (“Civic Cabinet of Arts and Curious”) is also exciting. Aachener have amassed an astonishing collection. Finds from nature are juxtaposed with artificial works of art, fossils with Greek vases, copies alongside originals – a world exhibition in miniature. In the didactic area a woodcarver’s and a painter’s workplaces can be seen. All of this is explained vividly by the curators.

More information in English about the museum and its exhibitions can be found on their website.

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