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Inspiring new location for brainstorming at X-LAB UHasselt

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Hasselt University has an inspiring new feature. On top of the X-LAB pavilion on the campus in Diepenbeek, a 5-metre high artwork of a head made of Corten steel has been placed.

Inside the head there are seats.

"This will be our new brainstorming place,"

says Prof. Jean Manca, head of X-LAB.

"In our lab, crossover is central and we want to bring together different disciplines – from science to art – to think about creative solutions for the challenges of the future. The head is our skull, we are the brain."

Think a head, that is the name of the large sculpture of a head made of Corten steel. The 5 metre high, 5 metre long and 3 metre wide artwork was designed by artist Frits Jeuris.

"Crossover and interdisciplinarity are central in our X-LAB. Inspiring each other, that is what it is all about in our scientific research, but certainly also in our education. The challenges we face today, such as the corona crisis or global warming, can only be solved if they are viewed from all angles. That is what we want to symbolise with Think a head. In this unique landmark, we bring together people from various disciplines in so-called crossover X-Tiger Teams. These include students, researchers as well as entrepreneurs and artists. Together, we want to come up with new ideas. This space already invites inspiration and out-of-the-box thinking."

The artwork weighs a total of 2.6 tonnes. The sculpture arrived at the Diepenbeek campus in two parts and was welded together by the artist on site. A crane then lifted the work of art over the main building, where it got its final place on top of the X-LAB pavilion. From 2022 onwards, the research group hopes to be able to move into their new premises, and the first brainstorming sessions of the various crossover X-Tiger-Teams will be able to take place inside the work of art.

Photo: Think A Head @ X-Lab © UHasselt 2021

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