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ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2021

ITEM strives to research the effects of legislation, policy and enforcement on border regions by analysing, publishing and discussing the most interesting and current issues in-depth. The primary focus is on the border regions between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. This survey allows policy makers, administrators, (academic) experts, and practitioners in the field of transnational and cross-border mobility to contribute to this process.

Observations on legislation, policy and enforcement measures at the European, national and regional level provide an indispensable contribution to the ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment.

ITEM kindly invites residents of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine to participate in its survey for its Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2021. Filling out the survey will take approximately 10 minutes. The survey is available in two languages (NL/EN). However, responses can also be in French or German. Send any questions to item@maastrichtuniversity.nl using ‘ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2021’ as the subject line. The survey will be available up to and including 18 January 2021.

The survey of 2021 is shorter than previous years, allowing for productive and straightforward input. The survey consists of two parts. Firstly, the opportunity is provided to comment on a number of dossier suggestions that have crystallised through ITEM's daily practice of project work and academic research on cross-border mobility and cooperation. Secondly, survey participants may submit your own dossier suggestion and/or (a) topic(s) of choice. Notably, the suggestion must concern a piece of upcoming or existing legislation or policy that you consider relevant and whose (potential) cross-border effects or impact on border regions should be researched in more detail in the coming year.

The expertise centre ITEM operates at the convergence of research, counselling, knowledge exchange, and training activities in the domain of cross-border mobility and cooperation. The countries of the European Union are confronted with great challenges following the increasing globalisation of the economy and the internationalisation of the current and future society. ITEM is an interdisciplinary institute which was initiated by Maastricht University (UM) in cooperation with Zuyd Hogeschool, NEIMED, the (Dutch) province of Limburg, the city of Maastricht and the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

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