Liège childcare centres saying adieu to plastic lunch packaging

From 16 December 2019, communal crèches and childcare centres run by the Intercommunal de Soins Spécialisés de Liège – ISoSL will replace the plastic trays with organic cellulose trays for meals distributed in nurseries across the City of Liège.

ISoSL will launch a new organic cellulose supply system as of 16 December. These new compostable lunch trays represent an ecological advance in processes since they can be thrown away with "green" waste. This will hopefully lead to the end of the necessary collection of used plastic trays by ISoSL logistic services.

At first, a plastic foil will be used to cover the cellulose trays. However, it will eventually be replaced by a foil made corn starch. This system represents an additional cost, in particular because it adheres less effectively to the tray. This development represents an additional cost of € 15,000 per year to be borne by the City of Liège.

Pierre Stassart, Alderman of Education and Early Childhood sees that the benefit outweighs the extra costs: "It is a plus for children, because this change, while being perfectly in line with the standards imposed by the FASFC, and continuing to respect the pace natural babies, will help to appease parents who are sensitive to the issues related to the use of plastic."

Photo: Ville de Liège

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