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Liège street art – active and interactive

Liège is full of street art frescoes, each one more surprising than the next, which give colour and warmth to La Cité Ardente. Discover some thirty public art frescoes created in the four corners of the city with the Paliss'art plan.

Since 2002, in Liège, the city walls have been open to artistic expression.

On the initiative of the de l'Échevinat du Tourisme de la Ville de Liège (Liège City Council for Tourism), which is responsible for public art, the Paliss'art operation aims to place contemporary artistic creation at the heart of the city by introducing mural painting and the graphic arts into the urban landscape.

Paliss'art has organised more than seventy-five frescoes throughout the territory of Liège, proposed by a hundred or so artists, from very different worlds, using various techniques and on supports as varied as site fences, gable walls, blind facades, electric cabins, etc...

Photo: Rue de L'étuve 12, Adèle RENAULT (B), 2020, Narbonne © Ville de Liège

Following the changes in the city, some of them have known a furtive life but about thirty of them still dress the walls of the city with their colours.

Together with Ville de Liège, Paliss'art has created an interactive version of their street art tour so those of us who can't make it to Liège right now can still enjoy the stunning artworks.

Paliss'art, in collaboration with Spray Can Arts vzw, has defined itself from its beginnings as a meeting place where works are offered to passers-by, whether they are citizens of Liège, users of the city or tourists... Art takes to the streets, comes into contact with the public and becomes an actor in urban life by creating an identity sign of rallying and conviviality in the common space, open to all and proposed to everyone.

The map is available in paper format at the Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Liège.

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