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Lifesavers wanted in Region Aachen

Region Aachen rettet is an initiative to improve first aid in emergencies in the Region Aachen, especially to increase the chance of survival after a cardiac arrest. Partners are the Stadt Aachen’s and StädteRegion Aachen’s ambulance services as well as the Kreis (district) Düren, Kreis Heinsberg, Kreis Euskirchen and the Region Aachen Zweckverband.

In Region Aachen, about 1,000 emergency patients have to be resuscitated every year. On average, it takes the ambulance services eight to nine minutes to reach the patient. In the case of a cardiac arrest, however, every minute counts: within 3-5 minutes without help, irreversible brain damage occurs. Survival of a cardiac arrest is only possible if effective chest compressions are started within the first minutes.

At the heart of the initiative Region Aachen rettet is a smartphone-based alert system for first aiders, which is on operation since 11 February in the entire Region Aachen. The launching date coincides with the European 112 Day. In the future, the innovative Region-Aachen-rettet-app will offer a decisive added value: In the event of an emergency, qualified first aiders will now also be notified by the alerting system right after the emergency doctor. The app draws on registered helpers in the emergency’s immediate vicinity/range, who can then start first aid even before the ambulance service arrives. These first crucial minutes where first aid is started as soon as possible after the event increases the patient's overal chances of survival. The introduction of a uniform alerting system for the Region Aachen makes it possible for first aiders to save lives not only in their place of residence, but also in the entire Region Aachen with its 1.3 million residents in 46 cities and municipalities.

In the initiative's introductory phase, the regional partners would first like to recruit medically qualified personnel (e.g. doctors, health and nursing staff, ambulance service personnel, etc.). Their training ensures optimal first aid for patients and smooth interaction with the alerted ambulance service. The next step will be to extend the system to trained lay people who want to act as first aiders. The prerequisite for this will be the participation in a first-aid course that should not have taken place more than two years ago.

That is how the system works:

Photo: © Region Aachen rettet


Notfall = emergency

Anruf = call

Rettungsdienst = ambulance service

Ersthelfer*in = first aider

Medically qualified residents from the Region Aachen (Stadt Aachen, StädteRegion Aachen, Kreise Düren, Euskirchen and Heinsberg) can register via the Region-Aachen-rettet-app (the corhelper app developed by umlaut telehealthcare GmbH forms the technological basis for this new app), upload their proof of qualification and, after activation, be alerted as a first aider in all participating municipalities, i.e. in the entire Region Aachen.

More information about the app can be found at regionaachenrettet.de

More information about the initiative can also be found via:

Region Aachen Zweckverband

Elke Breidenbach | Director Health Management

Rotter Bruch 6, 52068 Aachen

Phone: +49 (0)241 927 8721-70

Mail: breidenbach@regionaachen.de

The Region Aachen’s ambulance services‘ medical directors (Stadt Aachen, StädteRegion Aachen, Kreis Düren, Kreis Euskirchen, Kreis Heinsberg) are available to answer any professional questions.

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