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Lions Club Heerlen giving 477 families a helping paw

At the beginning of April, Lions Club Heerlen (District 110C/Zuid Nederland), in cooperation with the Voedselbank Zuid-Limburg, took the initiative to organise a campaign for parents and caregivers with children at home who need a little help during this challenging time.

The campaign has been able to help 477 families with children up to 18 years of age living in the Westelijke-, Oostelijke Mijnstreek and Maastricht regions. The 477 parcels will be delivered to all distribution points of the Voedselbank in Zuid-Limburg this week. A craft and game package has been put together for children which can keep them busy colouring, drawing and playing. These materials and games are hoped to provide parents and caregivers with some relief and the children a distraction from gaming, TV and devices. A poster is included with which children and parents are given tools to maintain a daily routine. This poster also includes telephone numbers where parents and children can ask for help such as; De Luisterlijn, JENS and the #Goedverbonden helpline. The campaign, which was organised and carried out in a short period of time, was made possible by Provincie Limburg, the Gemeente Heerlen and Vaessen Creative in #Nuth. In addition to a contribution of their own, the members of the Lions Club Heerlen have addressed their network and more than €2,800 – has already been raised through a crowdfunding campaign. Any funds left over after the financial settlement of this action will be donated to charity.

Photos: Lions Club Heerlen

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