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M-PX: Meuse-Rhine's first full service production house, music academy and studios

"How awesome would it be if, in a few years, the Muziekgieterij is celebrated as the musical hub for the south of the Netherlands?" asks Rob Driessen, M-PX producer at the newly re-launched music mecca in Maastricht.

We go further to pose the question: Wouldn't it be awesome for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine to be known as the breeding ground for unforgettable live performances, career-making collaborations, viral live streams, full-on jam sessions as well as training and mentoring for up-and-coming musical talent? In collaboration with Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, the Muziekgieterij has the potential, the means and most definitely the determination to do just that.

Check out their story here, we asked them to subtitle it in English, exclusively for Meuse-Rhine Gazette readers.

Video: Muziekgieterij

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